Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Season 4: Hannah Montana on Deck

Turns out Disney will use the same moniker as Zack and Cody in its fourth season, “On Deck.” Except Hannah Montana won’t be on a boat.

Disney announced June 3 it was changing the setting for Hannah Montana’s fourth season.

Turns out Washington Nationals Major League Baseball team owner Ted Lerner and Manager Manny Acta realize the team is in last place of any major league team two years in a row, 2008 and 2009.

They blackmail Robbie Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus) into having his daughter join the team – after all, she’s had a hit with everything she’s touched; why should baseball be any different?

Seems the manager and owner of the Nationals found it not hard to blackmail Robbie Stewart after finding this on Wikipedia: “From 1986–91, Cyrus was married to Cindy Smith, with whom he co-wrote the song "Wher'm I Gonna Live?" and "Some Gave All", which was featured on his 1992 album Some Gave All. On December 28, 1992, he married Leticia "Tish" Finley. Together they have three children, daughters
Miley Ray (born Destiny Hope), Noah Lindsey, and son Braison Chance. He also has two adopted stepchildren, Trace (born 1989) (singer/guitarist for Metro Station) and Brandi (born 1987), and he also has one son from a previous relationship, Christopher Cody (born 1992). Cyrus adopted Brandi and Trace when they were young children.

“In a 2004 interview on ABC News: 'Primetime', Cyrus stated that daughter Miley (conceived with Finley) and son Cody (conceived with an unidentified woman) were both born in 1992, at which time Cyrus was unmarried, and that he and Finley secretly married on December 28, 1992.”

Follow Miley in her MLB antics as she steps up to the plate for Season four of Hannah Montana.